Salon Policies

ABliss Studio's Salon Policy & Protocol

In Abliss Studios's commitment in the promotion of safety and overall health and wellbeing. Please NO Extra guest or Children are allowed unless that individual or child is receiving services at the same scheduled time frames. Our waiting area is for clients only.

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason; if we feel that something would jeopardize or is relevant to the protection, safety, image or brand of our company. Please dress properly when entering the salon. Please place all cellular phones on silent.


It is always our pleasure to serve you and see you here at A'Bliss Studios, yet when there is a health issue that may compromise other clients and our staff, we ask that you would reschedule your appointments if you are not feeling well. If you are experiencing flu like symptoms of current fever, chills, achiness, coughing, flem or mucus development, please call and reschedule.

By waiting until all these symptoms are no longer present before you come into the salon, this prevents the spread of viruses to other clients. Some may be compromised in their health; like those being treated for cancer, patients with sickle cell or lung and heart problems. These persons already have a low resistant to fighting germs,viruses or flu and this can cause them more problems than the average person.

Also by waiting until you are "completely recovered" it prevents the staff from becoming under the flu like symptoms, which causes them not to be able to come to work to service you and other clients for days and sometimes weeks at a time.

We appreciate your cooperation and know that you also want to be in an environment that is clean and healthy.

Thank You for your cooperation in this matter

A'BLISS Studio Jacksonville, FL